Svenska Skolan Ventura County is a "Non Profit Organization" geared towards children that are using the Swedish language on a regular basis. The students in our School are encouraged to further develop their Swedish language through different activities and to learn about the Swedish culture, history, geography, biology, social science and the Swedish traditions.


Preschool students are between the ages of 1,5 years old and 5 years old

In our preschool classes the children are divided into different groups according to their age, maturity and ability in the Swedish language.

They play Swedish games, sing Swedish songs, make different crafts and they read Swedish stories. They practice all kinds of  different words and phrases in all different subjects like colors, shapes, our body, animals, vehicles, letters and numbers to name a few.


The School age children are between the ages of 6 years old and 16 years old.

The students in the school age classes must understand most Swedish. The students are divided into different groups according to their age and ability in Swedish. Within the groups the children are encouraged to further develop their Swedish language through a theme oriented curriculum. Through games, creative activities and interesting themes related to geography, history, culture and biology, the students also learn to read and write in Swedish.


Throughout the school year all the classes celebrate the Swedish traditions together with a Lucia celebration in our church, Easter egg hunt dressed out to “Påskkärringar” and “Påskgubbar”. In December we have a Christmas crafts day. For our summer graduation we celebrate at the park, singing “Den blomstertid nu kommer” handing out diplomas and also going fishing in our “Fiskdamm” We think it is very important for all of our students young and old to feel a unity and fellowship in our Swedish School.

Classes for all ages are held on Fridays between 4.15pm-6.15pm

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Christmas Craftsday




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